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Incentive zoning allows for a high degree of flexibility, but can be complex to administer. The more a proposed development takes advantage of incentive criteria, the more closely it has to be reviewed on a discretionary basis. The initial creation of the incentive structure in order to best serve planning priorities can also be challenging and often requires extensive ongoing revision to maintain balance between incentive magnitude and value given to developers.

The primary incentive offered by the City to the developer has been the floor area bonus.  The zoning Resolution also has authorized for developments on large lots the use of non-floor area bonus incentives, such as a waiver of applicable bulk regulations affecting the height and setback of a building or how much of the lot its tower portion covers.

-Jerold S. Kayden. Privately Owned Public Space.

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Laurie Hawkinson Studio

Stimulus Plan: New Network for Public Space in Lower Manhattan

Spring 2009, GSAPP

Networking the public