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Filament Mind _09

Check out Filament Mind on Archdaily.

more details on our website

Filament Mind _08


Filament Mind is completed and open to public on Jan 31th at Teton County Library in Jackson Hole, WY. More photos are coming soon.

Filament Mind _07


Cables are being connected.

Filament Mind _06


illuminator tower


text on the wall

Filament Mind _05


under construction

Filament Mind _04

photo 7 (1)photo 7 (3)

The first illuminator is attached to steel column.

Filament Mind _03

photo (3)photo (6)photo (4)photo (2)

Lighting test- side emitting fiber optics

photo (1)

Organizing 1000 cables based on searching terms/categories of libraries

Filament Mind _02

updated scheme with center piece


Filament Mind _01

Commission of public art installation in Teton County Public Library, Wyoming

It is scheduled to be built in early 2013.


Thank you all for your support to realize SEAT!

Keywon Chung
Ying Gu
Patricia Andrews
C.E. Mast
Kyungjae Kim
Owen Williams
Jennifer Godzeno
Patrick Butler
Warm Engine
Carrie Butler
John Butler
Kasey Josephs
Candy Chan
Allison Patrick
Thomas Candee
Melissa T. Goldman
Kristiina Bozorth
Eve Styles
Wendi Schamp
Stephanie Rose
Marnixvan Meer
Eunhi Kim
Andrea Dart
Yunsuk Choi
Good Spin Box
Mark Ophus
Amy Wynott
Kooho Jung
Heidi Nurse
Devin Lafo
Bob and Sharon Blanchard
Shauna S. Ortiz
Sara Anderson
Jea Hee Han
Alexa Smith
Sujin Park
William R. Taylor
Jordan Larson
WooJin Lee
Tunna Kerosene
Tracy Wellington
Soo-in Yang
Leah Mosall
Hyunil Oh
Alexandra Kenig
Noa Younse
Dongcheol Yang
Ryan Brush
Seokhun Kim
patricia Singer
Erica Kelly-Bronitsky
Sarah Williams
Sung Ah Lee
Robert Johnson
vaughn ritschel
Sunghyun Park
Jeewon Chang
Sarah Tiedemann
Yuan Tang
Hayes Shair
Jane Tiedemann
Jeanne Brush
brian thomas
Laura C., Robert B.
Bob Beauregard
Gert Anderson
Gilbert Jacobsen
Eujeong Lee
Jintaek Choi
Beth Mosall
haley blanco
Andrea Colomina
Jennifer Romeo
Teel Lassiter


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